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Rockwool insulation products are thermaly efficient insulation materials and are fully safe to use under all conditions. Rockwool is asbestos free. Rockwool materials has been used world wide for over 70 years, and during that time, their manufacture and use have been extensively monitored and researched.Rockwool insulation has a long and successful history of use in a wide range of insulation applications. Early versions of rockwool were first produced in the mid 1800's and Rockwool has been in use as insulation for 70 years including in India for last 40 years.


Rockwool is incombustible and can be used as a fire barrier in certain applications, protecting personnel or the public in case of fire. Rockloyd Rockwool is tested fire safe as per BS 476 part 4,5,6,7. Rockwool does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere and have a neutral pH, no risk of harmful chemicals leaching from the product or corrosion. Rockwool is light weight, easy to install and won't settle over time. Proven long term insulation performance - and the most cost effective.


Rockloyd Rockwool is a green insulation product which can cater to nine points in green rating system. Rockloyd Rockwool is made from recycled raw material, is environment friendly and can be disposed as landfill. Rockloyd Rockwool is sound absorbing, by virtue of its fibre lay pattern thus it offers superior sound absorption properties. Rockloyd Rockwool conforms to all National & International standards like ASTM, BS. Rockloyd Rockwool is available in different forms like Mattress, Slabs, Rolls & Pipe Section




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