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Lloydroc Panels System Comprise of Pre-Fabricated Composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool Converted to Lamellar as core and profiled/ plain,colour coated galvanized steel / Galvalume Steel sheet facing on both sides, complete with joints sealants and fixing ancillaries. Panels System provides an one step solution in the form of insulated Walls and Roofing for easy and quicker construction of power plant Turbine-Generator Building. DG Set Power Project Building, Driers, Ovens and other Industrial and Commercial Buildings.


The Rockwool Insulation Provided are non-combustible grade Rockwool of density 100kg/m3 having  a Thermal Conductivity value of 0.034 w/mk at 20°C. The Panels are available in standard length of 6000 mm and thickness 50-150mm. Rockwool panels System manufactured in the most modern continuous & discontinuous semi automatic panels making line and can be supplied in length up to 12 mtr. (Limited due to restriction in transportation).


The panels are finished with tongue & groove jointing arrangement. The Rockwool shall also have sound absorption property. The Metal sheet has usual color coating finishes per requirements and specifications. Insulation posses the necessary Technical capability and Financial capacity to execute turnkey orders of any magnitude with Lloydroc Panels.


Lloydroc Panels are available with plain or slightly ribbed finish on metal surface or trough profile sheet finish on one side.



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